Underwater Science and Technology Meeting -SBT- What is it and SBT22

Underwater Science and Technology Meeting (SBT), It is a meeting that aims to provide a platform where experts in the field share their experience and knowledge by discussing scuba diving and related subjects (underwater medicine and underwater archeology, sportive and technical diving, underwater imaging systems) since 1996.

At this meeting, it is aimed to take different steps by presenting and discussing the studies and researches on underwater issues by the people who maintain their existence within the community, by presenting and discussing constructive sharing that will produce positive results for the future.

This meeting, which has been going on for 23 years, has made its purpose possible with the participation of academics, university societies, military divers, diving centers and similar institutions.

The Underwater Science and Technology Meeting, hosted by a different university every year, first organized by Boğaziçi University and later became a meeting that has been stabilized by many institutions and organizations, including Istanbul University, Kocaeli University and Middle East Technical University.


Underwater Science and Technology Meeting is an event that brings together divers of all ages from all fields of diving in our country. One of the details that adds flavor to the event is that it is held in different cities and different universities for its participants every year. The event brings together recreational, industrial, scientific divers of all ages, and diving health professionals. There is usually a comparison vibe spreads within the diving world. We can say that the only time this decreases is SBT gathering. Because right before the speech that you are most curious about, there may be a subject that you did not think about before and that you do not wonder about on a normal day. But if the speaker is also good, when that speak is over, you come out from it with information that you will definitely benefit from in the future on a subject that you would never have thought of before.

On a SBT, most divers look forward to the conversations from their field. Every year there is a talk that everyone says “I should definitely listen.” Those speeches make you feel that they will increase your knowledge and awareness at the moment you read its name on the event program. Learning how other disciplines work and listening to their achievements is just as important. It gives people a perspective that they didn’t realize they needed before. You can come across with detailed and easy-to-understand content that you never expected, projects that started as a crazy idea and went into the literature, researches carried out to develop very little researched areas in diving medicine, and topics that emerged suddenly and quickly gained importance.

Opinions of the Participating Underwater Technology Students

Yasin İmenç – Bandırma On Yedi Eylül University

First of all, hello, I am a 1st year student at Bandırma On Yedi Eylül University / Underwater Technology program. Like my other diver friends, I also enjoy my job and education.

    I had heard about SBT before, but I did not know much about them, we met with Underwater Technology program students from almost every school. After this, we gave each other our contact numbers in order to keep in touch with each other and to blend the information flow in our schools between us. Currently, we are helping each other in every way and we are planning volunteering activities in the future

   We learned about SBT from the seminar “EXAMINATION OF THE EFFECT OF SCUBA DIVING EDUCATION GIVEN TO AN AGENDA WITH DOWN SYNDROME ON SOCIAL PARTICIPATION” by our dear diving instructor, Ferhat YALGIN. In these seminars, our Diver Policemen, who do their job meticulously, our instructors working in Underwater Archaeological studies, Industrial Divers, our Specialist Doctors, and our valuable instructors who played an important role in the development of the underwater welding electrode used in Industry, were with us. By getting very good answers to the questions we asked about their explanations, the question marks in our minds disappeared, I would like to thank everyone who contributed, and I would like to thank all my instructors and divers who expressed their professional experiences. What SBT contributed to me; Producing national values ​​in technology, how to be a police diver and professional difficulties, methods of protection from the factors that occur under pressure in diving, approaches to individuals with down syndrome and disabilities and reintegration into society, cause-effect relationships of work done with occupational accidents, Archaeological findings.

Berkay Beyaz – Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Üniversitesi

Sbt her genç dalgıcın gitmesi gereken bir yer bence. Orada şunu gördüm dalış, sadece tüpü sırtına alıp yüzmek  değil. Tanımak Sevmek Araştırmak en başta başka bir dünyaya giriş kapısı dalış. SBT’ de kendim gibi bir sürü dalgıçla tanıştım sohbet ettim tecrübelerini dinledim çok güzel bir etkinlikti en büyük artısı bana çok güzel dostlar kattı. Elimde imkan ve zaman olduğu sürece gelecekteki hiçbir SBT’yi kaçırmam.

Mert Kurtulmuş – Piri Reis Üniversitesi

The SBT Event contributed me as an SAT student. It made me meet with students of this department from other schools. It offered the chance to share projects among all students, to be aware of the differences between schools, to meet the educators of the SAT departments at other universities and to listen to their projects and what they did. Many other students I met there were my potential future colleagues and it was a great opportunity for me to meet them today through the event. During the event, I learned a lot about scientific diving, recreational diving and of course industrial diving. It was a great opportunity to meet and meet people from all parts of the dive and ask questions. In my opinion, if different speakings had taken place at the same time, more speaks could have been packed in 2 days, and it would have contained much more intense information. Every diving enthusiast and SAT student who comes to this event gets the chance to network, meet experts and make friends with SAT students from all over Turkey. Mucilage, shipwreck extraction, underwater welding electrode, police divers speeches were the speeches I liked the most. Also, among other talks, I think every SAT student should attend this event at least once during their school life. Connecting the DAN Europe officer to give a speech in English online was a very good example of the benefits of today’s technological developments in such events. The first time I heard about the event was when my teachers at school mentioned it, and I didn’t know exactly what to expect as there wasn’t much information about SBTs on the internet. I hope this post will guide other students in understanding the true value of the event and what to expect. I came with my department friends at Piri Reis University, we reached Bursa by intercity bus. Before arriving, we arranged one of the nearby hotels we found on Google maps and stayed there. Thanks to the brother of our friend who had studied here before, we easily learned information about where to drink coffee and eat near the school, this provided us great convenience in our transportation plan. If you are considering joining the SBTs in the coming years, I hope we will meet you as well.

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