An Industrial Diving Podcast – Bottom Dwellers Dive Shack

“Podcast made by working commercial divers, for commercial divers.”

What is the Bottom Dwellers Dive Shack Podcast Series?

The World’s First and Only Commercial Diving Podcast

Featuring marine stories, “almost”s, interviews, safety briefings, underwater welding, construction, beer reviews and diver life in general;

To keep a record of the Diver of the Past and Present; To be the voice of divers and to announce this to industry leaders;

A podcast by commercial divers for commercial divers

Bottom Dwellers Dive Shack is a commercial diving podcast launched in 2020 by Armando Gonzalez in collaboration with John Villarreal and Alfredo Gonzalez. Armando and John are divers working in the Long Beach Harbor.

Johnny (left) and Armando (right)

At the Port of Longbeach, Johnny and Armando perform preventive maintenance, installation and maintenance of cathodic protection systems, inspections and repairs to all underwater infrastructures within the Port complex.

Port of Long Beach

Armando’s brother Alfredo is starts his own podcast series about music during the COVID-19 quarantine and suggests Armando start his own series on commercial diving as well. When Armando listens to his brother’s podcast, he likes it and sees that there is a value. After brainstorming with Johnny for a while, they set out to have a beer with the local divers and listen to their stories, jokes and “almost” memories. When it comes to the biggest challenge of the podcast, dealing with the huge amount of time it takes to edit the recording sound and master a quality episode, Alfredo decides to quit his podcast and become the show’s producer, and that’s how they solved that problem. Alfredo is a sound engineer who has made music with great artists and is a master at his job. According to Armando, his expertise is a big part of his success.

Among the guests were bestselling authors, industry giants, seasoned saltwater divers, newcomers and diving students. They all have stories, hopes, and concerns to share with the commercial diving community.

Johnny and Armando say that they are open to contact if you have any interesting show ideas or would like to be guests.

ADCI’s “Underwater Magazine” interviewed Johnny and Armando in the December 2021. You should definitely take a look at it for a more detailed introduction of them from their words and also for the rest of the valuable information in the interview.

Episodes You Should Definitely Check Out

Chris Lemons

The very subject of the famous “Last Breath” documentary-film, is the Chris Lemons. The details of this event, which most diving enthusiasts have heard in some way and attracts the attention of even those who are unfamiliar with the subject, more details about Chris and the aftermath of Chris’s life is the subject of this episode. Moreover, since the information you can learn in this section is not the something you can learn from casually on anywhere, you can be the coolest guy in the room when someone mentions the “Last Breath” movie and you have unheard things to add.

Trapped Under The Sea

The project was to build a 10-mile tunnel under the seafloor to clean up Boston Harbor in America, and this billion-dollar tunnel project sent five divers to traverse the entire length of the world’s longest dead-end tunnel. Towards the end of this tunnel, a series of vertical pipes would be extended to allow the wastewater to be released into the water. At the end of the tunnel, which narrowed to just 5 feet in diameter, divers would proceed with two humvees tied together, scanning all 55 pipes, each 30 inches wide, to remove the 65-pound safety plugs. By necessity, all lighting and ventilation in the tunnel was removed, and divers would each have to carry their own air and lighting supplies. If even these few sentences aroused thoughts about how strange and complex the event was, you may be more interested in the person who combined all of the pieces to the book has to say.
(This event is also called the “Deer Island tunnel tragedy” or the “boston harbor tradegy”.)

Marni Zabarsky İlk Kadın Satürasyon Dalgıcı

The world’s first female saturation diver. The first woman who does the world’s hardest and most dangerous job saturation diving. A woman like that must be a little tough, right? I think Marni is someone who doesn’t like to be on the internet too much, because it is very difficult to find information about her and this episode is perhaps the only source that contains the most information about her on the internet.

Harrison Okene Batan Gemiden Canlı Çıkan Aşçı

Someone surviving from a ship sunk to the seafloor is a possibility that almost no one would have thought of. But Harrison Okene wasn’t born to be part of casual statistics. This event can sometimes be heard from around but the details that most people know are that a ship sank at night, the ship’s cook somehow survived in the ship for 3 days. Some sources include the details of the shark sounds and the divers searching for the bodies of sailors who lost their lives in the ship, and the detail that Harrison saw the divers’ lights and gestured to a diver and then held the divers arm. But what did Harrison do underwater for days? How did he feel at the time of the accident? How did they get him out from under the water and how was the decompression process? Most interesting of all, what profession do you think Harrison is doing now? (answer will be very surprising) This episode gives the details of this extraordinary event and the answers to the questions.

Dalgıçların hakları ve Dalış Avukatı Bobby Delise

There are legal regulations regulating diving, there are divers unions in some regions. These are already known. Well, have you heard anything about a diving lawyer and diver rights before? I guess most people haven’t heard of it. It is a episode that everyone in the industry should listen to, should know and after listening maybe you should write down the name of Boddy Delise to a corner of a piece of paper.

ADCI yöneticisi Phill Newsum

In July 2021 a DELTA-P (variable pressure) accident that took place at a power plant, which killed a 19-year-old diver. After this event they host ADCI executive Phill in this episode and they talk about the recent accident, delta-p accidents and ADCI.

Dalış Öğrencileri Ölümleri

Industrial diving is a very dangerous profession, that’s for sure. Naturally, the training process requires a risk analysis model in itself. In these two episodes, they talk about the updates after the events that caused two divers to lost their lives at different dates during the training on the CDA (Commercial Diving Academy Technical Institute). The reactions of the industry leaders on this issue and an analysis of the background of these events. The information in this section is not something that you can randomly come across and learn if you are not part of the industry in that region or if you do not know someone who is.

Ocean Corp Dalış Okulu

I don’t know the rest of the world right now, but we, as students in Turkey, are very curious about the difference between schools in Turkey. If you are wondering about other diving schools like us, here is a episode about the famous Ocean Corporation and its education. I’m sure the students at the rest of the world’s diving schools are must be wondering what the difference would be if they were at another diving school.

Now you know where to find more about diving schools, the history of industrial diving, different helmet models, diver engineers, other female divers and much, much more. Johnny and Armando definitely deserve respect and a thumbs up for what they are doing.

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