Bubble Of The Bottom –[ ENGLISH ]–

Here will be the English version of the unique articles, the aim is to reach those who are outside the target audience in the original language of the article.

Rope Access and Industrial Diving

When I first started to think about this subject even exists, ı asked a lot of people and picked their brains, at the end I saw Im shaped a potential but its not a masterpiece with sharp lines.

Its gold pieces in mud and if you wonder about it here is my 2 cents.

Bottom Dwellers Dive Shack Podcast

Bottom Dwellers is the first industrial diving podcast series. Created by two amazing from the American industry. They talk about very important and useful stuffs.

Underwater Science and Technology Meeting (SBT)

SBT is a important meeting event of the Turkish dive community. In this post ı explain a little bit about it, how it was on 2022 and what underwater technology students taught about it.

Cyber Security at Sea

“Cyber Security at Sea” will be a series of posts. In its first post I wrote about basics about it and what I have found about when I first started to research about it. This post mentions about the place of cysec in maritime and how to hack floating computers.



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